Calorie Intake Estimate


Ever wonder how many calories you should be eating a day? Stop guessing and get it right! Here is a basic mathematical way to calculate your daily needs:

1. Take your weight and multiply it by 10.

  •  This is the number of calories you need to merely exist.

2. Since all of us do more than just exist, next you have to decide if you are classified as sedentary, active, or very active.

  •     If you are sedentary, multiply the first number by 20% – 40%
  •     If you are active, multiply the first number by 50%
  •     If you are very active, multiply the first number by 60%-80%

3.  Take the number from step one and add it to your number from step two.

4. Add purposeful exercise.

5. If you are trying to lose weight, subtract 20% of total calorie needs.


If I weighed 120 lbs..

  • Take 120 x 10 = 1,200.

This means I’d need about 1,200 calories a day if I laid in bed all day long!

(This is important to notice because A LOT of girls try to go below that 1,200 calorie mark, and that is when you really start to harm your body.)

  • Next I take 1200 and multiply it by 30%

I chose 30% because I am a student and spend most of my day in class.

–> 30% x 1,200 = 360. Next I add 360 + 1,200 = 1560.

This leaves me at about a 1500 calorie diet to aim for on days I don’t workout.

  • Step four is adding purposeful exercise.

I typically burn about 300-400 calories during my workouts by lifting weights and doing cardio.

–> 1,560 + 400 = 1,960

This means I need 1860-1960 calories on days when I do work out.

For weight loss, take 20% x 1,560 = 312. Lastly, take 312 and subtract it from 1,560 to get 1,248.

**You would still add purposeful exercise the same.

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