Throwback Thursday: West Coast Vibes

#TBT isn’t just for instagram, y’all. Or maybe it is and I’m just wanting an excuse to share this post with you guys? Either way I think we both win. In March I went to California with my dad for Spring Break and it was utterly breathtaking. I’d never really been out to the west coast (besides LA/Disney when I was eh, maybe 8?) so this was all new to me. In order to not bombard you with picture I’m going to divide this into two posts, but here’s a recap of part one.

My aunt and uncle live in San Jose and have the most unique and lively house. It’s full of interesting knick knacks, artwork, and just look at their view! I mean come on. It’s unreal. california san jose viewcalifornia gardening san jose san jose california decorations potssan jose california bird feeder This father-daughter trip was one for the books. It was a week long adventure covering central California in it’s entirety. San Jose, Santa Cruz, Cambria, San Simeon, San Francisco. You name it and I bet we left our footprints there. It was literally a whirlwind of exploring.

The first day we packed our lunches and sat on a “dock” in Wilder Ranch State Park. Wilder Ranch runs along Monterey Bay and is covered with rocky cliffs and a walking trail. monterey bay california wilder ranch park monterey bay california wilder ranchhealthy salad to-go dried persimmons My aunt makes dried persimmons and lemme tell ya.. they’re addicting. I had never heard of them before but I’m so glad she introduced me to them. You have to be careful with dried fruit though! Losing all the water content makes them calorie-dense, but it also makes them a perfect trail snack. And fun for picture taking.monterey bay california persimmons wilder ranch park san jose california monterey bay monterey bay california After walking along the bay we made our way to the Santa Cruz Harbor to grab a drink. This was also a prime spot for people watching. I love how active the culture is in California, or just the west coast in general. Everyone was out biking, boating, skating, kayaking, etc. There was a surfing contest going on, too. I’d never witnessed surfing in real life; only on TV. So yeah, my mind was blown. santa cruz harbor california santa cruz harbor california santa cruz harbor california santa cruz harbor california After grabbing dinner (and searching high and low for ice cream) we both crashed. As wonderful and eye-opening as the trip was, it was also exhausting. I’m eager to share part two with you all, but I hope you found some joy in part one.

elizabeth x