All My BEST Healthy Lifestyle Tips + Tricks

Healthy Living Tips + Tricks | Faith and Fitness BlogSay noo to dieting and yesss to a healthy lifestyle. Seriously, y’all, these 12 tips are GOLD.  Forming healthy habits is ten million times better than crash dieting for a week then gaining back 15 pounds more than you lost. Yes? Yes.

Read onnnn..


The key to being healthy is everything in moderation. Don’t deprive yourself of ANY food. I absolutely love love loveee frozen yogurt, (S/O to Yogurt Mountain) and I know there is no way I would ever stop eating it because…

Deprivation –> Binging. The more you deprive yourself of one food, the more you want it. Enjoy your guilty pleasures, just be smart about it.


Although you don’t want to deprive yourself, you also don’t want to tempt yourself. Keep your favorite foods around, but keep them in places where you aren’t going to see them every time you pass through the kitchen. Oh hey there chocolate cheesecake just waiting to be devoured.. wrongooo. When I buy a sweet treat, I keep it tucked away so I have to go out of my way to get it. Notttt right beside my bed. { Bad mistake. }


Recording what you eat is a big step when trying to lose weight. It makes you:

  1. realize all the mindless snacking you may do,
  2. gets you to read the nutrition labels,
  3. causes you to think before you eat and much much more.

My favorite food log app is probably My Fitness Pal. Read more about that here.


I am definitely the worst at this. Front loading means you eat most of your calories earlier in the day. Ex: Front loading would encourage eating about 700 cals for breakfast, 500 for lunch and 300 for dinner. Basically the reverse of what you’re { most likely } doing.

BONUS — Front loading could also mean you eat your sweets in the morning, though. Because the earlier in the day you eat your “cheat food” the more time you have to burn it off. Helloooo cake for breakfast.


It’s easy to stick to a diet during the school/work week, because it’s routine. Don’t let the weekends ruin all your hard work (!!!) Going out to eat can be tricky, but a lot of restaurants offer a “skinny” section to their menu which is a great guide. If you want to splurge,  split with a friend and order a side salad. Order dessert, drinks, apps, whatever your heart desires.. Just don’t forget tip #1 — moderation.. even on weekends.


Take the time to enjoy your food. Don’t stuff your face like you’re never going to eat again. *guilty*  You want to give your stomach and mind time to register that it’s not hungry anymore. Wait 30 minutes and see if you’re truly still hungry.

12 Steps to a Healthier You | Faith and Fitness Blog

80/20 — 

The 80/20 rule means eating healthy 80% of the time and unhealthy 20% of the time. Nobody can be healthy 100% of the time. If you strive to do this then whenever you slip up (which you will) you’ll feel extremely guilty and that’s not good for your mental healthChoosing a healthy lifestyle should be fun, not stressful. You want to be mindful about how you’re treating your body, but don’t beat yourself up if you slip up or splurge here and there.


Eating when you’re bored is wayyyy too easy to do. Keep a list of activities you can do instead of eating. Examples would be: Read, go for a walk, start a hobby, paint your nails, call a friend, go shopping, watch a show, etc. Don’t resort to eating from boredom. It’s not worth it, and you’ll feel guilty afterwards.


This cannot be stressed enough. Sleep is so so SOO important for your physical and mental health. Treat your body with care and don’t wear yourself down.  You will be more alert and willing to get up and do things with your day when you have a good nights rest. You will also be less inclined to have unhealthy cravings. WUDDUP SUGAR.


No..This does not mean to eat organic. It simply means to avoid processed foods. Anything that has been genetically modified or processed is obviously not intended to be put in our body. God created this earth and all the yummy, NATURAL foods that come from it. If it takes years to expire it’s probably not a great choice. Choosing fruits, veggies, whole grains, nuts (in moderation), and both animal + plant proteins is a healthy way of living. Why is a homemade meal always so much better? Because it has real and FRESH ingredients.


A lot of people/websites say to exercise one hour a day/seven days a week. I think a good rule of thumb is three miles of walking/running, or thirty minutes of weight lifting, yoga, pilates, cycling, etc.. It’s important not to overwork your body. We are all trying to achieve different goals, and if you know 30 minutes isn’t going to be enough then by all means exercise longer, but the important thing is to listen to your body.


Food and hunger are incrediblyyyy mental things. If you envision yourself fit and healthy, you will become fit and healthy. Constantly think about your goal and how far you’ve come in reaching it. NOT how far you have left to go.

Anything I’m forgetting? I’d love to know y’alls favorite tricks!

x, elizabeth


53 thoughts on “All My BEST Healthy Lifestyle Tips + Tricks

  1. Great advice. Everything always falls apart for me on the weekends but I am working on it. At least I am aware I guess.

  2. I have been on this new way of being healthy since the fall and taking it slowly so it lasts. So far so good and I agree – the 80/20 rule works & I allow myself to have that piece of chocolate or that frappe and then I don’t obsess over it and completely fall off the wagon – works for me!

  3. I need to implement the 80/20 rule, I have a huge sweet tooth so I’m trying to find other things that a sweet and healthy at the same time.

  4. i never realized it but i definitely do the opposite of frontloading. try to be virtuous or eat nothing in the morning and then end up going crazy at night. thanks for the reminder to be mindful.

  5. I love the deprivation = binging. That is soooo true. I eat really well, but will deprive myself of my SmartFood popcorn or pizza. I read somewhere to eat like a child… take your time, set your utensils down while youre chewing, and if you’re full, walk away from the table.

  6. Ha! I do almost all of these…. the only other one I practice is a slight fasting …. I eat all my calories in an 8 hour time frame. :)

  7. I never thought about eating the same on the weekends. That’s definitely something I’ll have to start doing. Thinking Fit can really help you know what they say, speak it into existence.

  8. I love the 80/20 rule! It works so well for me. I also love the crowd it out method, where you try and eat a lot of healthy stuff and then you end up crowding out the bad stuff. When your body finally realizes that what it wants is healthy fruits and vegetables, it makes all the bad stuff a little easier to let go of.

  9. Your post is amazing Elizabeth! It is exactly what I need right now because just this morning I was examining how it’s almost April and I haven’t lost any weight yet according to my 2016 resolution! I think frontloading would help, as well as your other tips! I also need to drink lots of water! I’m definitely printing the graphic you provided…so thanks so much!

  10. Thank you for sharing these amazing tips with us! Deprivation is the worst for me, because I overeat at some point later. And it’s not once that I would overeat, I would be doing it for 3-4 days in row!

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