Rocksbox Review + A Free Month for You !

rocksbox jewelry subscription

HI, hi, hello.

Today on the blog we are talking about all things R O C K S B O X. Not sure what it is? Welllll i’m glad you asked…rocks box kendra scottRocksbox is a fun and unique jewelry subscription that partners with all of your favorite brands, like Gorjana and Kendra Scott, to send you jewels hand-picked for YOU each month!Rocksbox jewelry subscription kendra scottSubscription boxes seem to be all the rage nowadays and it’s easy to see why! Who doesn’t love a little present showing up at their door weekly/monthly?rocks box kendra scottRocksbox is simple — sign up (using code: elizabethyontzxoxo for a free first month!), take a style survey so their stylists can get an idea of your personal style, then Rocksbox sends you three pieces of designer, handpicked jewelry for you to wear for as long as you want.

{ You can also “wishlist” items to give your personal stylist a little *hint hint* }IMG_4462IMG_4397IMG_4400 My first box included these studs, this necklace, and this ring. I think my stylist was pretty dead on! I adore the studs because they manage to be girly and edgy all at once. I love things that sparkle but I’m not big into bows and all that jazz. Aka I’m not a “girly girl” by any means.

I also haven’t taken the ring off since I opened my box! I’m a huge fan of simple, delicate rings. My only issue with the ring was that I don’t own much rose gold to go with it. I guess that means I just need to go shopping…? Not the worst problem in the box kendra scott rose all dayI am head-over-heels crazy for this service. It’s is only $19 a month (HOLLA) So it’s perfect for the babe on a budget. For me, test driving designer jewels for as long as I want and then getting new ones at that price is a steal — plus what better way to stay current with the ever-changing jewelry trends than to have a jewelry expert personally curating collections for you!?IMG_4213rocksbox jewelry kendra scottThere’s no minimum amount of time you have to wait before sending your items back. If you decide that none of the items are for you (which is rare!), you can send the package back right away and receive a new selection.

Each box comes with a self-address postage paid envelope to send the pieces you don’t want back in. It’s super easy! If you love the items and can’t give ’em up, you can purchase any of them for 20% the retail price. Say whaaattt!? Hope y’all give it a try!

Don’t forget to use elizabethyontzxoxo to get your first month F R E E and happy shopping! <33

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122 thoughts on “Rocksbox Review + A Free Month for You !

  1. I love Rocksbox! I was a subscriber for two years and really enjoyed getting to try out new jewelry, and I bought quite a few pieces based on what they sent me :)

    1. I’m kinda picky with my earrings, too. I just don’t like really heavy stuff. Use my code and try it out :) You can always cancel if it’s not for you!

  2. It’s great to know about such subscription boxes. I love dainty pieces when it comes to jewelry. Loved what you got in your box. Would love to try my hands at this but I don’t think they ship to India. Nice post!

    1. Same here! Statement pieces are great occasionally but these ones can go with office outfits, everyday, or weekends! That stinks they don’t ship to you! Maybe they will soon.. hopefully :)

  3. I seriously love this idea and everything looks beautiful :) However, I just wouldn’t trust myself with designer jewelry that I would have to return. I’d be so scared I would lose or break it!!! But you look stunning and I’m glad you’ve found something you love. Beautiful pix!!!

    1. Thank you, Anna! Haha I had a mini panic attack the other day because I thought I used a lotion/soap that ruined the ring somehow but luckily it was just in poor lighting and it’s totally fine. Thanks for your sweet words!

        1. Just wanted to let you know I adore your blog! Just followed you :) I clicked the icon to follow your instagram, too, but the link was broken :( Just thought you might want to know!

          1. Thank you! And oh my goodness, I apologize. I will fix that as soon as I get off of work. Thanks for telling me!!! But, I’m so glad you are following along. Yay!

    1. Aw! What a bummer!! I was nervous the ring wouldn’t fit because I have such slim fingers, but luckily they carry size 4! I was surprised they went that low.

  4. How fun, I used to wear jewelry all the time and now I never put it on. I wan’t to start wearing again.

    1. I always love looking at jewelry when I’m out shopping but for some reason when I’m getting ready for work, or just everyday wear, I forget to put it on!? It’s so frustrating because it really makes SUCH a difference! You should try it out :) It’s perfect for people like us haha because now I have pieces I’m excited to wear and look forward to getting in the mail — makes it easier to remember.

  5. Fun idea! Perhaps a gift for Jenny one day, or for my girls when they are older. I think they would love the option to try out the jewelry and discover their style.

    1. Definitely! My brother bought me a subscription to Nature Box for christmas and it was the best gift I received! Subscriptions make the BEST presents. Probably because it’s like 12 gifts in one haha!

  6. I’ve been wanting to try this but I rarely can wear costume jewelry due to a nickel allergy :( anyone else have this issue?

    1. Awh! That’s so sad! I have heard one or two other people say they were weary about trying it for that same reason. Maybe just test drive it for a month and cancel after? I’m so sorry you’re stuck in that boat!!

    1. Wow that is actually a really great idea hahaha I need to do that when I want something from my boyfriend! I hope he picks up on it ;)

  7. This is a new company to me. I love the whole process of the style survey to get individual style. I loved your box – really great

    1. It was new to me, too! But it’s tons of fun. I love getting on my account and wish listing cute pieces. It’s like pinterest but I actually get the stuff I “pin/wishlist” haha. Thank you!!

  8. I’ve never heard of a jewelry subscription service, you got some darling pieces. I especially love the rings!

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