Food and Worship

I’m sure many of y’all have noticed the title of my blog, Faith and Fitness, and you may be wondering why that’s the title since I primarily post about food and nutrition. I’ve been asked a couple of times and would love to clarify.
Worship + Reverence ::
“A feeling or attitude of deep respect tinged with awe and the outward manifestation of this feeling.”
Worshiping God, then, is an outward display of awe and respect directed to the Lord.
so whether you eat or drink 1 corinthians 10:31
 To me, food is an art, and art is a form of worship. As a believer it is important to turn everyday activities into opportunities to worship God. Art is a form of communication, it isn’t just something that looks pretty. I’m sure if you talked to any form of artist: musician, painter, sculptor, chef, photographer, etc. they will tell you, if they’re a believer, that what they created wasn’t done by them but rather through them by the Holy Spirit. God is present during the process and in the outcome. When I am hit with inspiration, it’s not my own idea but God communicating with me.

The Lord blessed me with a passion for food as an art form. This includes food styling, food photography, creating recipes, baking, blogging, etc. How you use the gifts and passions The Lord has given you is how you can show reverence towards him. I choose to create mostly healthy food to promote a healthy lifestyle and instill knowledge in others. Creating recipes, writing posts, taking pictures, and everything else that goes into my blog also releases anxiety for me and puts me at peace. When you feel at peace that is the Holy Spirit. While my blog may appear as simply a food blog to some people, it’s much more to me.

Food and fellowship go hand in hand. Not always, but many social events include food. It brings people together and helps us grow in our relationships. Think of how many meaningful conversations have occurred while food was present. I’m not saying food is the sole reason, or that there aren’t other ways to build relationshpis, but everyone enjoys a nice meal or homemade dessert. After all, food is kind of necessary to live!

Lastly, since the blogging process has so many stages, it forces me to appreciate small things. When you’re thinking about what pictures to capture, you begin finding beauty in little things. I know that sounds extremely cliche, but it’s true. How often do you stop and admire things around you? I don’t claim to be a photographer, but I do enjoy taking pictures. It’s becoming one of my passions and it’s a hobby of mine. Because I am taking so many pictures, I tend to think in snapshots. I mentally capture images of things I see that are beautiful to me. Normally I wouldn’t have taken the time to appreciate them, but God has created so much around us we often forget how much thought he put into every detail.

I hope this post helped you better understand the reason for my blog title. No, I don’t write many posts strictly about my faith, but I do know that God is present throughout the process of each and every one.

Below are some pictures I captured a while back. They are very hodgepodge, but just some things that caught my eye. I hope you enjoy them.

elizabeth :)cracked egg shells lazy sunday puppy dog fresh blueberries nature flowers photography nature flowers photography nature bird feeder

40 thoughts on “Food and Worship

  1. Loved Loved Loved this post. I found it on the Birmingham Bloggers Pinterest site. Actually, I was looking at the french onion dip, and veered on over to here. I also mainly post about what the Lord speaks to me, but I have a variety of other topics, such as the many adventures i had as a truck driver. Anyways, I just wanted to drop by and say hello. God bless!

  2. I truly believe our whole lives should be worship to God and he cares about every aspect. Let every thing we do be pleasing unto Him.

  3. I really like your blog! God has given us all great gifts. You are wonderfully gifted writer and photographer.

    This in particular resonated with me: “Worshiping God, then, is an outward display of awe and respect directed to the Lord.”

    Thanks for your heart for God and for people. Keep it up!

  4. I love these lines – “I mentally capture images of things I see that are beautiful to me. Normally I wouldn’t have taken the time to appreciate them, but God has created so much around us we often forget how much thought he put into every detail.”

    Definitely need to take time to savor the same details. :)

    1. You’re not alone! It’s so easy to take all the Lord has created for granted. We see his beautiful creations everyday, and it’s a shame they go unnoticed!

  5. I absolutely agree that food and faith go hand in hand. What we put into our bodies spiritually and through food determines our health. And God has shown me His grace so often through food (when I was poor and people gave me food) or when I was able to grow my own .. or how I was able to heal certain things in my body through the food God provided me..

    1. I think it’s wonderful you’ve had so many faith based experiences through food. It is so much more than what we (Americans) allow it to be. It brings people together and can be a natural healer as you said! Thanks for sharing your experiences!

  6. I love the idea that food is a form worship, and I believe that God often speaks to us as we worship Him in the preparation of food and the enjoyment of it. Gifts are just an expression of our giving ourselves to Him. Thanks for a most enjoyable read. (The photos are really nice, too.)

  7. It’s so awesome to see how the Lord uses the gifts He has given us. Great post. I recently started taking pictures for my blog and you are right, it has caused me to see the world in a whole new way and appreciate the little things.

  8. Love this! My art is totally a gift from God, and often gets overlooked… but it’s alright, I am doing it because it shows God’s beauty and I get to stand in awe and feel His Joy.

    Oh and your pictures are lovely.


    1. Artistic talent is such a gift and blessing from God! I’m sure more people appreciate your ability than you may know :) Thank you!

  9. I get that feeling when I cook/bake too. My favourite is when we’re having a house church or Friday night Bible discussion + dinner on a day when the house is already clean, and the kids are easy-going and unstressed, and I get to create in the kitchen. That’s when I feel that joy and worship the most. I totally get what you’re saying here.

    1. Wow you just created such a peaceful and beautiful image in my mind! I’m glad you understand where I’m coming from :) Worship can come in so many forms.

  10. I’ve always thought of food and fellowship, but not food and worship. I love reading blog posts that open my mind up to new ways of thinking. You have definitely done that! And those pictures are fabulous!

  11. Love the pictures! And yes, I have also found that blogging narrows my focus and helps me appreciate small things. I find myself constantly thinking, “Now, how could I blog about this?”

  12. I love your insight about how art is worship and the Holy Spirit working through me. I never really sat back and thought about creating as a way to thank God. Snapshots can get a cheesy reputation in the photography world, but I truly enjoy them. It is a small moment in time that I have been blessed with and want to remember as long as possible. My favorite photo on this post is your pink flowers, the lines are intriguing and the colors are gorgeous.

    1. I really appreciate your heart-felt comment. I agree 100% with what you said, and it took me a moment to realize what I was doing was worship as well. God has blessed you with so many talents! Thank you for the kind words :)

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