Winter Break: Free + Yummy Food

I’m fiiiinnally on winter break.. ( YAY! ) For some reason this was the worst semester thus far.. Needless to say I’m extremely happy its over and I’m on my { SIX WEEK } break. I don’t know about y’all but I think six weeks is a bit too long.. Whatever.

I think that something every college student looks forward to whether they realize it or not is that going home = free & yummy food :) and for those of y’all who can’t cook or don’t have a mom who can at least home = free food..?

Yesterday I conjured up some things in my fridge and tried to re-create my favorite sandwich at Newk’s.

Okay so it was actually pretty far off, but it was still dang good.


I toasted wheat bread, sliced and heated left over grilled chicken, sautéed some peppers and mushrooms, and topped it off with blue cheese (because we didn’t have goat cheese) :( The sandwich at Newk’s gets finished with pesto but I subbed salsa because my parents don’t tend to keep pesto around.


One 0f my favorite things about Newk’s is their bread. Ohhh man.. I don’t know what it is but it’s ridiculously good!

Anyways.. No this isn’t incredibly fancy, but it’s still super yummy and fun/easy to make! I definitely encourage y’all to take advantage of the ingredients in front of you while you’re home. Maybe try to use it as a time to start eating healthy again! As hard as that may be during the holidays ;)