TGIF.. but really. This has been the most hectic week/semester of my life! Three tests AND a project is never any fun. Since it is the weekend, my boyfriend and I decided to celebrate and have a little lunch date at Chipotle! That place never disappoints. And he may or may not have skipped class to take me.. I’m kinda lucky ;)

IMG_9867I got their chicken burrito bowl ( as always ) and Michael did the same. They topped his with lettuce but I always ask for a “salad” because they put it on the bottom of the bowl instead. Essentially they’re the same thing. This place is ridiculously good and actually not bad for you. The ingredients taste so fresh.. 10x better than Moe’s. They also have a nutrition calculator on their website too which is really convenient. And did you know if you ask for the vegetarian bowl, guac is free!?


After lunch I headed back to my room to pack. This weekend I’m visiting my family in Nashville. My little sister is getting baptized so of course I had to be there for that :) I stopped at Starbucks on the way and got a little pick me up! Their coffee makes me nauseous, but their skinny vanilla lattes are impossible to resist.